Thursday, December 07, 2006

Zane Helping to Lynch Millenia Black!

Why is Zane of all people joining in on the lynch-fest against Millenia Black? She posted a comment over at Thumper's board that surprised me - it would freeze ice! She's spitting ridicule at Nadine (her real name) because she claims 'Millenia Black' is a "nigger" pseudonym (not in those exact words, but basically) and that she pitched her books to black imprints so shouldn't raise dust because the white imprint that she landed wants to subject her to "nigger treatment".


First off, how does Zane know she personally pitched AA imprints? (And I can't help but wonder why she feels the need to make that known.) It stands to reason there must be more to the back-story of this situation because that doesn't fit -- let's not forget that Millenia says she penned The Great Pretender very specifically to avoid designating the characters' race and put it on the market as mainstream fiction. So why (according to Zane the publisher vs. Zane the AA author) does a publisher's check give them the right to take a mainstream book with no black characters and slap black faces on it and peddle it as AA fiction because the author is black? They would not have done this if Millenia was white. That's the bottom line and I can't wait to see what the court has to say about it if the suit gets that far.

Zane starts off by saying she could write a book about this, but will keep it brief.....then she proceeds to write a piece so long it would make Tolstoy proud! After reading it once and feeling the overt vibes, I read it again very carefully, and was left with three questions gnawing at me:

1) Why did Zane choose to express this on December 6th? The same day the Wall Street Journal article printed? Was it because she was interviewed but her comments didn't make the cut? Just askin'.

2) Why is she so angry with Millenia? It's clear her post is ridiculing, and thisclose to being an all out attack, inferring that MB's ungrateful because she wanted her manuscript handled for what it was, not for HER race. And why? Why would that position get Zane's goad up in this way?

3) What's really behind Zane's (and others who feel just like her) obvious need to defend HERSELF as an author, to produce a magnifying glass to point out the number of non-black readers who show up at her signings (yes, we'd need a magnifying glass to see them. The fact is, they're a miniscule number in comparison to her bread and butter. Face it, Zane would NEVER make a living off the number of non-blacks that are in her audience)......has Millenia Black insulted Zane some how with her objection against NAL's treating her like a BLACK author as opposed to an AUTHOR? Just askin'.

It seems to me that Zane has chosen to ignore the real issue in favor of defending HER choice to write for, and target, AA readers vs. Millenia's choice NOT to. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

And to underscore: Publisher's SHOULD NOT be allowed discretion to treat an author by their race because they're taking on all the risk. That's bullshit. That's like saying an employer can treat its employees by race just because they're paying their salaries. More bullshit.

I'm still behind Millenia (Nadine) 1000%. The principle is what's at stake here. Let's not forget that. People died so we could have the liberty this brave girl is fighting for. Let's not be so quick to join the lynch-fest folks. Think about what you're really supporting if you do. Shame on it all.....and shame on you, Zane.