Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Agent Alert! LLC vs. Sole Prop.

This topic isn't one that's discussed much, at least not to my knowledge. Most writers are so jazzed to hear an agent offer representation that important details, like what that agent's business is established as, don't even cross their minds.

I'm here to impart the advice that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that agents be established as businesses (separate entity from their personal) and registered as an LLC, Limited Liability Corporation. Reason being, if the agent's set up as a sole proprietor and they kick the bucket, any money owed to you at that time is now tied up in that agent's estate. Happy Probating! The same is true, by the way, if the agent should divorce, be sued, etc, because your dealing with their personal finances.

I thought to post about this now because it's happening to a friend of mine and it's become one big wrangled mess! They'd been together a number of years, but unfortunately, this is one conversation they never had.

Thank goodness my agent is structured as an LLC. Is yours? If you don't know, I strongly encourage you to find out. And remember, this would be important to your estate should you pre-decease your agent.

Find out. Have the talk with your agent. If he/she isn't an LLC, strongly recommend they become one. You don't want to have to wait through the process of probate to get your money....your heirs won't want to either, should you pre-decease your agent.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Can There Be Justification for Racism?

Since this subject is finally being discussed by folks other than me, I've seen some interesting comments from "anonymous" cowards afraid to sign their name to their prejudice comments. Many say that marketing strategy supercedes the law. That it gives publishers the right to use an author's skin color as the deciding factor when determining where a book will be best suited in the marketplace.

Here's the question: If a publisher regards and treats an author differently simply because they're black, not based on the content of the work they've created, is that publisher practicing racial discrimination or not?

Join the great discussions. Visit Patrick Willoughby's posting at his website. Also authors Millenia Black and Monica Jackson.

And I'd love to hear what folks have to say to that above question. Is it or is it not the essence of race discrimination?

Update (2/20)........
Amen. Direct your blog-engines to Buzz, Balls and Hype. Thanks, MJ. A little late, but you finally came around. :0)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New York Times Debut, Allison Brennan, THE PREY

Another debut novel hits the New York Times bestseller list! Congratulations to Allison Brennan with her fabulous debut, THE PREY.

Now.....Let's take a wild guess. What color is Allison Brennan? Well, let's see. Debut novel. New York Times bestseller list.

Of course, she's white.

What difference does that make, you ask? Well.....they're always white. Name a romantic suspense novel written by a black author that debuted on the New York Time bestseller list. Go ahead. Give it your best shot.

Do you think Ms. Brennan has ever given a single thought to the fact that if she were black, this rare success never would've happened? Probably not. Do you think that fact bothers her in the slightest? I doubt it. After all, why should it? She's not black....and that's all that matters, right?

Let's face it, white authors don't give a damn about the unfair treatment their fellow black authors receive in publishing. They don't care one bit.

They're all too busy enjoying the privileges of being white.

Disclaimer: No disrespect to Allison Brennan. I in no way meant to imply that her talent may not speak for itself. Just pointing out that she had none of the concerns and hinderances she would have if she'd happen to be black. I felt the need to clarify due to all the indignant exaggerations of my intent floating around the blogosphere. Yes, it's a harsh post. I'm being subjected to treatment far harsher still. Forgive me. :0)