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Race Discussion Paradox

What is wrong with some people?

Why do they insist on wasting prime opportunities?? I posted about this before. Now another great example has cropped up and brews hot over at blogger Karen Scott's spot.

This sort of happening is very discouraging to anyone who may even think about opening their mouth to talk about race discrimination in the publishing industry.

Why does the opportunity to bring about positive change always have to be wasted? Watered down to an ego-laden, pride-filled, idiotic slug-fest?

Karen Scott is making a valiant effort here. Why must people start throwing negatives at the positive? They start slinging mud and talking about WHY racism exists as it does. Why not contribute to continued improvement? Why not set out to inspire people (no matter their race) to do the same? Why not use this opportunity to illustrate the harm being done and what needs to happen for it to change?

This is precisely why I take my hat off to writers like Monica Jackson and Millenia Black for standing their ground in the face of all the criticism and proverbial lynching. If it weren't for that type of determination and courage, we'd be doomed.....and maybe not even yet have the freedom to do anything about it. We'd still be right where we were in 1807, not 2007.


Anonymous Ancient Reader said...


It's time to blame law professional members of ethnicity groups, and what I mean by that is simply this. We can look back and see where discrimination is coming from and see what has been done to bring the present level of relief.

The kind of resistance against racism before Dr. King's invaluable accomplishments, is different to subsequent method needed for fighting the problem, because there're legal tools available to handle deceptive bigotry in a more effective manor.

The fight should be easier now because there're plenty of minority lawyers and professionals all over in the U.S. So what's the problem? AR believes that the opportune minorities have become "White Caucasian", at least if not in actual skin color, it's definitely at heart.

These folks don't even want to hear the word "D" moreover to have you say "discrimination". They're ashamed to identify with the idea that racism does exist, and as long as these minorities are around the struggling ones will have to shut up. Shut up because their own will even help the racist oppressors. How about that?

3/19/2007 1:29 PM  
Blogger Bestselling Author, Pontif. said...

You make excellent points, Ancient Reader, as always. It's the failure to unify that purports the length of the struggle for equal treatment.

It's also the need to avoid the real problem - black authors being forced to WRITE black books for a black audience - and talk about book shelving. That's really starting to piss me off.

3/20/2007 5:49 AM  
Anonymous Ancient Reader said...


I love you. Your guy must be seeing you as the Queen of Heaven...with such articulation, you're a powerful woman...

Unfortunately, there'll never be that unified support you've mentioned for a long time, because too many of the people needed in the composed defense structure, lack the fearlessness, perception of the problem, and the will to act against the foolishness.

Minorities as a whole must use aggressive skills/tact and forceful politeness to elevate themselves in representations to discourage much of those "back-of-the-bus" type situations.

Caucasian conglomerate industries have pride themselves on depriving minorities of equal opportunity, simply because there still is great educational and psychological deficiencies among them. It is shocking to see some of the exploit-evils that are being done to minorities by Caucasians businesses in some parts of the United States of America this very day, and who really cares?

I have been encouraging on every chance I get, every minority parents to give their children some legal education. I am a believer that if the law is in the right hands of people who don't fall under the influence of Caucasian pandering, much of racism complaints if not all, could ebb and vanished away soon.

3/20/2007 8:52 AM  
Blogger Monica Jackson said...

I'm beyond disgusted with the results of race discussion on the romance white/nonblack blogs.

Why aren't more blacks participating and stating their views? The few of us who do say something are getting lynched by the mob.

Our issues are discussed without input from blacks and conclusions drawn that are insulting, offensive BS.

If we would/could unify as they do, and state our case, support each other (as they do--I get trolled, insulted, abused because I do speak out on racism even when I'm saying nothing, just because the topic is raised. The trolls are welcome participants to the discussion), all the dismissiveness toward blacks wouldn't be going on at these discussions and something might even be accomplished.

But we won't unify on the issue, and until we do, the status quo will stand.

3/21/2007 12:38 AM  
Anonymous Ancient Reader said...

"Monica Jackson said...
I'm beyond disgusted with the results of race discussion on the romance white/nonblack blogs."

C'sister, be encouraged. Really, you don't have a problem at all the trolls do.

I suggest that you keep on doing what you've been doing without looking back for substantial support of unified voices from your ethnic group -- they have too many worldly problems hindering them from speaking out. Be proud because you're a dignified're invited to come out with even higher caliber guns of linguistic rhetoric, matters not who gets hurt so long as you're correct? Hands down.

Think about this Monica. It didn't take as many people that are speaking out today to make big changes in the past, it only took one individual at a time. Don't get frustrated at all champ, and don't worry about results. So long as no one contradicts your logic then you must be creating very strong impressions out there.

Not many people have the stuff you got Monica, and your position in the racial fight is significant. There're others around you like BSA and MB with a few others, you guys are having effect don't doubt that, just keep up the momentum.

I'm sure with some thought, plans could be hatched to help the situation using a few dollars. How about drafting surveys and serve it on publishers to fill out and return, then publish the results.

Monica, you're a pretty woman and beauty with intelligence if channeled right can originate powerful changes in society. So here's my tip. Instead of monologue without much confrontation, start face-off with some blunt and fierce questions that assault the problem, then see if we can take this to a higher level - how about that? You've a platform to do it. If I'm off on my points please excuse me -- I'm well intended.

3/21/2007 8:15 AM  
Blogger Bestselling Author, Pontif. said...

Good points, AR. You know what that brings to mind? Ed Champion and Lynn Scanlon.....This dawned on me the other day....Didn't Champion say he was going to follow up on Millenia's case in December or something of the sort? It's a disgrace what those two did to that poor woman and yet they just sauntered off when the facts came out like nothing happened? You know they're waiting for her to lose so they can pounce and toot horns of disgrace for MB.

Where was the author solidarity there? Where was the outrage over their public behavior? Had that been done to a white author, I am sure I'd smell the stink from here!

Monica, I have to echo Ancient Reader. Don't allow them to have that much power over you. There may not be 100% unity, but my advice is to stick to your beliefs and principles. Work with the ones who are willing to put their hands where their mouth is and do something about the problems they face.

I saw that mess that happened over at DearAuthor and just shook my head. All they want to do is talk about topics that are debatable. No one wants to come down squarely on the real injustice of the industry. And when forced to, as we saw with Champion and Scanlon, they start shooting the victim and taking shots at credibility.

3/21/2007 3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, was there ever any question that Ed Champion and Lynne Scanlon were thinly veiled racists? Fran recently pointed out how Ed never apologized for being so rude to Millenia Black.
Here's her post...


3/23/2007 4:06 PM  

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