Monday, October 30, 2006

Shame on Genesis Press

Back in September, Publishers Weekly did a story about Genesis Press and their authors. They aren't paying them, not even providing them with royalty statements. The writers began to spread the word and complain, and now this underhanded joke of a publishing house is suing them for slander/libel! Outrageous. I heard about this via Monica Jackson.

I think the writers should countersue. Their suit is unfounded. It's not slander if it's the truth. Shame on Genesis Press. It's also a shame the players in this scandal aren't "mainstream" enough to warrant the outrage of all in the literary set.


Anonymous Barbara B. said...

Shame on Genesis Press indeed. This is so disgusting and disheartening. I've been hearing negative things about Genesis Press for the past year yet there appears to be a steady stream of new writers. Some of the long-time writers seem resigned to not getting paid. That's pretty sad.

11/03/2006 1:36 PM  

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