Friday, December 16, 2005

If it's not racism....Then what is it?

Ok---Based on this post over at Vision Circle, I think they ought to go ahead and give that poll to black writers. Or black actors, corporate execs, etc. If you live in the United States, and you're trying to make a living, thrive at your can the fact that your skin color's a liability NOT be the most significant problem you face? Progressively speaking.

Let's say for instance, in acting. What if Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal were black. You think Harry would've ever even met Sally? And if he had, only black people would've known about it. Only black people would've cared about having "what she's having."

You think Denzel and Halle could've filled in for Richard and Julia in "Pretty Woman"? Uh...No. Because then it would've been a "black movie".

Let's face it. As it still is today, blacks aren't allowed the same opportunities as whites. The playing field is not only uneven, it's riddled with prejudicial obstacles. Why? You know why. Because we're on the wrong side of the alligator. Period. Point. Blank.


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